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Why Choose to live or have a business in Billings?

Billings, Montana is in “a unique location at an opportune time.”  We are a centrally located trade, service and distribution center for the region.  Billings is the largest city in Montana, conveniently located serving as a hub between:

  • Denver 551 Miles
  • Spokane 542 Miles
  • Salt Lake City 546 Miles
  • Calgary 537 Miles
  • Boise 614 Miles
  • Minneapolis 838 Miles
  • Seattle 820 Miles
  • Las Vegas 967 Miles
  • 310 Miles from Williston

Living in Billings Montana

We are the closest major city and distribution center to the Williston Basin (Bakken formation) which covers Central and Western North Dakota, South East Saskatchewan, Canada, the North West Corner of South Dakota and North East Montana. The Bakken formation with the use of horizontal drilling technology and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has made huge oil and gas deposits accessible for extraction. In March 2012, North Dakota passed Alaska to become the second ranked state behind Texas in Oil Production. This economic stimulus is expected to provide steady work in the energy industry for the next 20 to 30 years, according to industry experts.

city of Billings Mt downtown

The Billings Chamber of Commerce and the Big Sky Economic Development Authority are jointly pushing to make Billings the “Energy Center” of the region. They are organized and have jointly met with representatives of the Downtown Business Alliance, Billings Cultural Partners, Montana State University Billings, Rocky Mountain College, School District 2 as well as City and County Officials to assist in the effort.

This means that the City of Billings is in the “Path of Progress.” In order to satisfy the needs of a growing community, development is in all phases starting with Single Family Housing and Rental Housing. Commercial and Industrial development is needed to provide the distribution and services required as the city expands. The Hospitality & Lodging industries all flourish as communities expand. Billings has it all.

Diamond Real Estate was founded in Billings, Montana, March 1993.  We are a full service real estate company.  We are experienced with residential, commercial, business brokerage, land & building development, investment properties, IRC 1031 Exchanges, leasing, property (wealth) management, strategic planning, problem solving and buyer representation. 

We specialize in Commercial/Residential/Land Development and Hospitality Brokerage which includes Bars/Restaurants/Casino’s/Licenses and Motels & Hotels.  We are members of the American Motel Hotel Brokers network.

Diamond Real Estate is committed to providing “Unsurpassed Service” to our customers.  Our goal is to always work towards a win-win-win result for all parties involved with each transaction.


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Integral Approach

An “Integral Approach” according to integral pioneer Ken Wilber “is one that explicitly aims to take into account all relevant factors” – a more comprehensive, balanced,embracing and inclusive way of looking at things.

In today’s world, change seems to increase at a greater speed each day.  In order to deal with these “dynamic and complex times” we believe that an Integral Approach provides the most comprehensive framework for creating, analyzing, balancing, aligning, designing and structuring ventures, projects and deals.

The five key elements of Wilber’s Integral approach are often referred to as AQAL, short for all Quadrants, Levels, Lines, Types and States, or simply ISO, Integral Operating System.  This serves as a common denominator when looking at things and allows us to see from different perspectives, angles and aspects, which in turn, allows us to be more inclusive with our results.  With people, this means looking inside a person at their mindsets, values and cultures, and outside at their skills, behaviors and attitudes as well as to the wider organizational and social systems surrounding them.

We believe that an Integral Approach is “an exciting advancement in approach” and can be applied in different ways in different disciplines to arrive at better organizational design, better strategic planning, better problem solving ability and better overall results for our efforts.   


Area Information

Billings Montana

“The Magic City”

Information & Statistics*

Trade & Service Area        Primary Trade Area is 125,000 sq. miles, serving over 251,000 people with the secondary trade area serving 385,000 people.

Location       Billings is located in Yellowstone County and lies in the Yellowstone River Valley in south central Montana, east of the Continental Divide at the intersection of I-90 & I-94.

Elevation      3,126 ft. above sea level

Climate          Average temperatures:   January High – 31.8    July High – 86.7

                                                               January Low  –  13.7    July Low –   58.3

                        Average Humidity:   January – 60%

                                                               July – 46% 

                        Average Precipitation:         15”

Economy      Billings has a diverse economic base including:

  • Energy: (Conoco Phillips, Exxon Mobil & Cenex Oil Refineries located in Yellowstone County) and hub for many of the vast oil, gas and coal resources of Eastern Montana.
  • Agriculture: Beef, dairy cattle, sugar beets and production of grains including wheat, barley and corn.
  • Transportation:  Air, rail and trucking.
  • Tourism:  Billings is located close to several national monuments and recreation areas and is the eastern gateway to Yellowstone National Park and only a few hours from Glacier National Park.
  • Service & Trade Center: Along with being the primary trade and service center for region, Billings is a center for education, medical facilities, cultural activities and recreation.

Population   July 1, 2010

                        Billings                                   104,170         

                        Yellowstone County               147,972

Major Employers

  • 1,000 plus employees: Avitus Group, Billings Clinic Health System, St. Vincent Healthcare, Wal-Mart
  • 500 to 999 employees: Albertsons Food & Drug, First Interstate Bank, St. John’s Lutheran Home, Wells Fargo
  • 250 to 499 employees: Advanced Employment Services, CHS Inc. (Cenex), Conoco/Phillips, Costco, Employee Benefit, Management Services, Exxon/Mobil, McDonalds, Sysco Food Services, Yellowstone Boys & Girls Ranch

Local Government

  • City Government: Mayor/Council Form of Government with a City Manager
  • County Government: Board of County Commissioners (3)
  • Employees: Police (117 City), Sheriff’s Department (125 County) Fire Department (120)

No Sales Tax           Montana is one of five states with no sales tax. The other states are Oregon, Alaska, Delaware and Vermont.

Parks & Recreation              Billings Park and Recreation system consists of 2,592 acres of park land with recreation facilities throughout the City.


  • Billings Public Schools      The districts are organized into 23 elementary (K-6) schools, four middle schools (7-8) and three high schools (9-12) which includes two freshman academies and one specialized high school, The Career Center, an Adult Education Program and a Community Education Program.  The current enrollment is over 16,000 students.
  • Billings Catholic Schools   Serving over 950 students grades K-12.
  • Montana State University – Billings      MSU-B features two campuses, the original campus overlooking the city and the College of Technology campus.  The university has over 5,000 students and offers associate, certificate, bachelor and graduate degrees.  MSU-B offers more than 100 programs of study with a fully online degree programs at the Master’s degree level.  The MSU-B Yellowjacket Athletics programs include basketball, tennis, cross-country, soccer, volleyball, golf, baseball, softball and cheer teams.  They compete in the Pacific West Conference of the NCAA Division II.
  • MSU-College of Technology   Created in 1969 to serve the current and future needs of adults for postsecondary technical training.  Located 7 miles from the main campus on an 18 acre site, the College of Technology offers professional training and continuing education classes in practical nursing, surgical technicians, paramedics, firefighters, computer system technicians, computer desktop support specialists and auto & diesel technicians, along with other fields.
  • Rocky Mountain College      RMC was founded in 1878 and is Montana’s oldest institution of higher learning.  It offers 40 programs of study with enrollment of nearly 1,000 students from all over the US.  Approximately 75% of the faculty holds degrees from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale and Cornell Universities.  The average faculty-to-student ration is 1 to 13.
  • Billings Community Education    The Community Education program offers continuing education classes in areas of adult basic education/GED; arts & crafts; business & vocational skills; certificate programs; college prep; computers; computer workshops; employment prep; EOC/TRiO; fitness; foods/cooking; hobbies; kids classes; languages; medical career; pets/obedience; sports; wellness.

Medical Community    Billings is the medical hub of a four-state area.  It features two modern hospitals 16 clinics and over 400 physicians in every major medical specialty.  Billings is also the home to one of six PET scanners in the US located at the Northern Rockies Cancer Center.

  • Billings Clinic                A not-for-profit health care organization based in Billings, MT, Billings Clinic is the largest employer in the community.  It serves patients in Montana, Wyoming and Western North and South Dakota.  It features a 272-bed hospital with a 14-suite Family Birth Center with Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, 15-bed Transitional Care Unit, Level II Emergency & Trauma Center, Inpatient Cancer Care Unit, Surgery Center and is the region’s largest multi-specialty group practice with 46 specialties.  Billings Clinic also has Aspen Meadows, a 90-bed Assisted Living/Rehab Center, two Billings Clinics off the main Campus and Clinics located in Bozeman, Columbus, Red Lodge, Miles City and Cody, Wyoming.
  • St. Vincent Healthcare        A not-for-profit, faith-based, mission-driven hospital sponsored by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth Health System.  St. Vincent Healthcare is a regional destination hospital with 286 licensed beds and includes Level II Trauma Center, Cardiothoracic and Vascular Medicine, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics and General Surgery, designated “Breast Center of Excellence” family-centered maternal and child health, including a Level III NICU and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  They have approximately 2,100 employees, with 57 Medical Specialties including 511 Medical Staff, 105 employed Physicians, 406 independent Physicians and 117 Allied Health Professionals.  St. Vincent Healthcare has five medical clinics located in Billings and Regional Primary Care Clinics located in Laurel, Hardin, Red Lodge, Absorokee and  Cody, Wyoming.
  • The Rimrock Foundation    This private not-for-profit organization  provides inpatient treatment as well as out patient and aftercare services for those suffering from various addictive disorders.  They pioneered the nationally recognized Advanced Integrated Model of Addictive Treatment.  The facility handles issues such as chemical dependency, codependency, compulsive gambling and eating disorders as well as teen drug, alcohol and eating disorders.
  • Advanced Care Hospital of Montana    This state of the art facility boasts cutting edge technology as well as a team of physicians interested in treating not only the physical ailments of patients but also their emotional stat of being on their way to recovery.  Owned and operated by Ernest Health, Inc., the staff maintains expertise in areas of healing of injuries and illness including: Stroke, Trauma, Cardiovascular Disease, Ventilator Weaning, Wound Healing, Respiratory Failure, Amputation and Infectious Diseases.
  • Mental Health Facilities   Billings is the regional center for mental health facilities, including Crest View Hospital and Counseling Centers, Deaconess Psychiatric Services, Rivendell Psychiatric Center and Shodair Hospital, serving both in and out patient needs.


Historic Attractions

Arts & Entertainment  Billings is the region’s cultural hub.  Performing arts theaters, the symphony, opera, history and art museums, a zoo, historic district and numerous arts and crafts galleries offer a rich cultural experience for residents and visitors.


Public Golf Courses

  • Lake Hills Golf Course
  • Par 3 Golf Course
  • Peter Yegen, Jr. Golf Club
  • Eagle Rock Golf Course

Billings Parks & Recreation System (2,592 acres throughout the city)

  • Riverfront Park
  • Pioneer Park
  • Phipps Park
  • Centennial Ice Arena
  • Billings “BikeNet Plan”
  • Lake Elmo State Park


* This information is found in the Billings & Area Relocation Guide