Real Estate – City of Billings

Why Choose to live or have a business in Billings?

Billings, Montana is in “a unique location at an opportune time.”  We are a centrally located trade, service and distribution center for the region.  Billings is the largest city in Montana, conveniently located serving as a hub between:

  • Denver 551 Miles
  • Spokane 542 Miles
  • Salt Lake City 546 Miles
  • Calgary 537 Miles
  • Boise 614 Miles
  • Minneapolis 838 Miles
  • Seattle 820 Miles
  • Las Vegas 967 Miles
  • 310 Miles from Williston

Living in Billings Montana

We are the closest major city and distribution center to the Williston Basin (Bakken formation) which covers Central and Western North Dakota, South East Saskatchewan, Canada, the North West Corner of South Dakota and North East Montana. The Bakken formation with the use of horizontal drilling technology and hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has made huge oil and gas deposits accessible for extraction. In March 2012, North Dakota passed Alaska to become the second ranked state behind Texas in Oil Production. This economic stimulus is expected to provide steady work in the energy industry for the next 20 to 30 years, according to industry experts.

city of Billings Mt downtown

The Billings Chamber of Commerce and the Big Sky Economic Development Authority are jointly pushing to make Billings the “Energy Center” of the region. They are organized and have jointly met with representatives of the Downtown Business Alliance, Billings Cultural Partners, Montana State University Billings, Rocky Mountain College, School District 2 as well as City and County Officials to assist in the effort.

This means that the City of Billings is in the “Path of Progress.” In order to satisfy the needs of a growing community, development is in all phases starting with Single Family Housing and Rental Housing. Commercial and Industrial development is needed to provide the distribution and services required as the city expands. The Hospitality & Lodging industries all flourish as communities expand. Billings has it all.